Jake Short Turns 16!

Jake Short Turns 16!ontheteenbeat.com

Jake Short, who plays Fletcher Quimby on Disney Channel’s hit show A.N.T. Farm, turns 16-years-old today!

Jake tweeted to his almost 360,000 followers on Twitter, “Thanks so much guys for the amazing B-day tweets! Unfortunately, I have to do school. DX But, I will see you guys later today! Thanks again!”

Happy birthday, Jake! Leave your wishes for the birthday boy in the comments below!


  1. Amanda says:

    Jake, you’re not only and amazing actor but an amazing person and you are like my biggest role model & I love you soooo much 🙂 Keep it up <3 happy bday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Amanda says:

    Ps. I wish I could meet you, we have a lot in common 😉

  3. kaliy says:

    you are cute but happy birthday

  4. Machaela Richard says:

    YOUR ARE SOO CUTE my friend Jenna and I both agree to that.

  5. ryan14cyr@gmail.com says:

    Happy bday jake


  6. Maria Gomez says:

    Happy birthday jake short

  7. I know this is probably really late but Happy 16th Birthday Jake. 16 years ago on May 30th 1997 a sweet,talented,smart,AWESOME and soooo down to earth person/actor was born and his name was Jake Short. Happy Birthday Buddy!!! <3

  8. Leandra says:

    happy bday hpoe u enjoyed it

  9. Ryan Cyr says:

    Hi jake your gave me your autograph and you made my day

  10. Jessenia Lopez says:

    Omg Jake Your 16 Um Suprised Omg But Your On Ant Farm Wait Are You Older Then Eveyone On The Show BUTTTT YOUR 16 HAPPY BIRTHDAY I THOUGH YOU WERE 12 :O

  11. stargirl says:

    love you jake to bad ur 16 oh I wish I were older

  12. Xondra Franco says:


  13. I like you, I wish I was 16 years old

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