Driving to Work!

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  1. Trever Snyder says:

    Well you just turned 16 two days ago so yeah you should get your licenses. Good luck on your test for your licenses. GOOD LUCK JAKE

  2. Katie Lee says:

    I’ve been driving for a while, didn’t have to take the test but GOOD LUCK!

  3. familyrules2 says:

    When I was reading his bio and it said he was 16 years old I couldn’t believe it lol no offence

  4. familyrules2 says:

    I thought he was 13

  5. Sooooooooooo proud of JAKEEEEEEEEEE Hahahahahaha HE CAN DRIVE LIKE A BOSS NOW!!!!!!

  6. awsome says:

    cool video of you drivin to work :((

  7. Delaney G morris says:


  8. sandy says:

    O my gosh!!!!!
    Are u actually driving?!! (talking in disappointment) can’t believe you jake,can’t believe you

  9. sandy says:

    If you are actually driving,(talking with excitement)can you drive all the way to illinois and drive me back to LA ??!!that’s always been my dream!!
    But I know you won’t do that
    Cause you’re just to busy entertaining me on tv(out of breath)
    Thank u,anyway(disappointment)

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